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TRACY, Front Desk Coordinator


My name is Tracy and I am the smiling frontend coordinator welcoming you to Sereno Wellness & Spa! I have been involved in the esthetic industry since 2008 working in various roles including frontend coordination, skin care specialist and management. Practicing Yoga for 15 years, and teaching for almost a decade, is also a huge part of my life. I am deeply moved by the offerings of this practice as a teacher as well a student. When I am not applying my incredible customer service skills at Sereno you will find me mentoring, teaching public classes, workshops and teacher trainings in the astoundingly beautiful South Surrey White Rock community. MUSIC, travelling, nature, Ayurveda, Veganism, reading and a good laugh out loud session are my SOUL food. My approach to life is soulful and fun and I adore working directly with people everyday!